July 24 - September 25, 2022




Yoshie Sugito



Andrés Pereira Paz & David Reiber Otálora



Chimera's Still Warm Body

Bitsy Knox & Els Vandeweyer



Vivero Enredado

José Montealegre


12.–14.08.2021, always at 7:30pm and 8:30pm

(A Preface to) Unending love, or love dies, on repeat like it's endless

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins 


01.08.2021, 8pm

Finissage: Reading in Ruins

w/ Stephan Geene, Erin Honeycutt, Susanne Leeb, Siddhartha Lokandi, Mirjam Thomann, Maxi Wallenhorst, Christopher Weickenmeier


29.07.2021, 6pm

Artist Talk with Simone Fattal


25.07.2021, 5 pm (CET)

Sunday Sermons: Susanne Sachsse, CHEAP presents: … but it tells itself that so it can stay normality.

In collaboration with Montez Press Radio


10.07.2021, 8 pm, LIVE IN CONCERT

But It Tells Itself That So It Can Stay Normality

Susanne Sachsse

Sound Installation and Performance. With Vaginal Davis, Nazlı Kilerci-Stevanović, Angela Seo, Şenol Şentürk, Marc Siegel, Martin Siemann and Jamie Stewart. Musik by Xiu Xiu



Excavating the Present | Times in Ruins


A joint adventure of Klosterruine and Annika Haas’s seminar Archeolgy of the Self at the University of the Arts Berlin.



Simone Fattal – While the Angels Are Naming Us










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