Eine Robbe liegt, scheinbar schlafend an einem Pier neben der See
04. Oktober 2020, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Recession Grimace - Finissage

with Pauł Sochacki, Dominique Tegho and Juno Meinecke

On October 4 from 4:30-5:30 pm the group exhibition "Recession Grimace" will end with a finissage lecture and workshop with Pauł Sochacki, Dominique Tegho and Juno Meinecke. In conclusion, Sochacki, whose "Honigpumpe", "studnia tożsamości" and "Studie für eine Tür" can be seen in the current exhibition, invites to a joint journey.
Travel is often associated with freedom or even adventure, but the choice of places we can reach in the course of life is predetermined in a mysterious, strict and almost malicious manner. This evening explores the subjective geopolitics of travel and the economic matrix in which tourism and labor are in flux.

Wie kaufe ich ein gültiges Ticket? / how to buy a valid ticket?
Lecture by Pauł Sochacki
Hat hat das Geld mich verdient? / How did money earn me?
Workshop by Dominique Tegho
Den Weg nach Hause zurückfinden / finding your way back home
Keynote by Juno Meinecke
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languages: Englisch, Deutsch u.a.