Minimalist Graphics, horizontal lines and this text: Unfinished Histories 8, James Noël
08.01.2021 – 28.02.2021

James Noël

Unfinished Histories Vol. VIII

James Noël started writing La Migration des Murs in 2012 in response to what he called “the proliferation and derangement of walls”. In a moment in which walls have become a symbol of the inventive and seemingly boundless cruelty of national borders regimes and migration systems, Noël’s ongoing work traces the multiplying architectures enclosing, separating and observing us, and imagines a world beyond them. With amused disdain, the poem studies the history and the function of walls down to the last bracket, and anticipates their demise: “The civilisation of walls has come to an end.” (James Noël)

James Noël (*1978) is a poet, novelist and performer.He is considered one of Haiti’s most important contemporary authors. He has published over ten books of poetry in French and Creole,including Poèmes à double tranchant (Farandole,2005), Kabòn 47 (L'action sociale, 2009), Bon Nouvel (L'action sociale, 2009), Kana Sutra (Vents d'Ailleurs, 2011), and Brexit – La Migration des murs (Au diable vauvert, 2020). He is co-founder of the artistic review IntranQu’îlllités and edited an anthology of contemporary Haitian poetry in 2015. He was recently awarded the Internationaler Literaturpreis 2020 (Berlin) for Was für ein Wunder (Belle merveille), his first novel.

You can find the texts featured in Vol. VIII here.

artiCHOKE e.V. is a collective of poets and translators that got together to organise a reading and publication series in Berlin around 2015. Since the beginning it has given particular attention to radical and militant poetries and aimed at creating international cross-pollinations through the practice of translation. 

Unfinished Histories Vol. VII-IX:

»Heinrich, ich steh’ hier mit der Kettensäge«

Sean Bonney, James Noël, Lisa Jeschke and Laurel Uziell

Organized by Andrea Garcés and Lotta Thießen for artiCHOKE