Durch den Winter mit Paul Niedermayer

ongoing series

Already situated in the most awkward of all neighborhoods, the winter marks a season of intensified absence and abandonment for the physical site of the Klosterruine. For the next 6 months, the artist Paul Niedermayer will regularly visit the Klosterruine and explore what is there and what is not. Reminiscent of Steve McQueens video work “Giardini” from 2009, the series focuses on an exhibition space during the temporary suspension of its prescribed function, and thus serves to trouble our understanding of urban environments with the human, working agent at its imaginary center. „Durch den Winter mit Paul Niedermayer“ aims to complicate our perception of Klosterruine and reveal its messy nature aka as a site of chance encounters, neglect and troubled beauty.

Paul Niedermayer (b. 1989) is an artist and lives and works in Berlin. She studied fine arts at Universität der Künste Berlin and at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. She has shown her work in the Casino Luxembourg Forum for Contemporary Art; Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Museum für Fotografie, Berlin; among others.

Blurry flowers frame a detail of the stonewall of Klosterruine A truck by a gardener. In the background a tree and the Klosterruine A gardener examines a patch of moss on a wall of Klosterruine

10. April 2021

Paul NiedermayerMärz2 its night. A streetlight is in the center of the image. It's light blurres out the rest of the image. in front of the street light a tree

23. März 2021

photograph of someone taking an image of Klosterruine with their smartphone

A dog in a snowy field catches a stick with its mouth.

13. Februar 2021

Photograph of a dog in half portrait. It looks attentively at something or someone outside of the photo. The same dog play-bites someones jacket.

12. Februar 2021

A dog stands on the snowy stairs of Klosterruine

11. Februar 2021

closeup of a dogs snout. two hand try to get something out of the dogs mouth, that the dog clearly doesn’t want to give up. Same scene, with the head of the person now in the image, partially covering the dogs face.

10. Februar 2021

A dog runs trough a field of snow.

9. Februar 2021

 A little dog sits on a snow-covered stone in Klosterruine.

08. Februar 2021

 An orange streetlight shines through the window into an otherwise unlit car

27. Januar 2021

 barrier tape crosses the image plane, almost like a constructivist composition. The ground in the lower half of the image looks like a sidewalk, the background of the image becomes blurry. Lights indicate its night.

 15. Januar 2021

A wall of Klosterruine is reflected in a car window. Through the window you can see the sleek and expensive looking interior of the car. A window photographed from below and outside. Inside generic looking lights, maybe belonging to an office, are the only details of the interior.

08. Dezember 2020

kr nov small 9 Kopie

27. November 2020

Paul Niedermayer2: Klosterruine by night. Shot through an arch you gaze at the Berlin TV Tower, half covered in mist. A flock of birds fills the air. Paul Niedermayer3: A crow sits on a bike handlebar and gazes curiously toward the camera. Paul Niedermayer4: Another shot of the TV Tower. The sharp architecture is juxtaposed by the organic silhouette of a tree in front of it. On the tree another flock of birds.

19. November 2020

Photo by Paul Niedermayer. The contours of Klosterruine reflect in the shiny surface of a car

11. November 2020