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05.03.2021 – 24.04.2021

Laurel Uziell, Lisa Jeschke

Unfinished Histories Vol. IX

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For the third episode, the collective artiCHOKE has selected excerpts from Lisa Jeschke's poem “Immer noch: Wann schafft Deutschland sich endlich ab ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!/()=%)&/%§&% (/)(/)&/%” and Laurel Uziell's latest book "T".

Jeschke’s text yearns for a transitional theory. Against the set of hegemonic gender-identities and duties of reproduction it posits “robot girls” who are happy to abolish themselves in their past and in their present form to find a tender proliferation of mutant and unnatural bodies.

In their most recent book “T” Laurel Uziell takes apart the oppressions of legal and linguistic mechanisms of subjectivation which are dealt out against trans-people on a daily basis and turn their bodies into stages for legal trials and media spectacles. “Real life” write Uziell, “is obviously fucking horrible” and proposes we “make nature out of our feelings” and “scoop out the exterior”.


Lisa Jeschke (*1985) is a poet and performer based in Munich, where she is co-editor of the chapbook press Materials/Materialien (London/Munich). Together with Lucy Beynon she has created the plays David Cameron [A Theatre of Knife Songs] (Shit Valley, 2015) The Tragedy of Theresa May (Tipped Press, 2018), and The Decline and Fall of the Home Office (2018). She is also the author of The Anthology of Poems by Drunk Women (Materials, 2018), which was published in an expanded German version by Hochroth München (2019).

 Laurel Uziell lives in London. They have published Instant Cop Death (Shit Valley Press, 2017) and T (Materials, 2019). Their poems have featured in Believer Magazine, Datableed, and they have given numerous poetry readings.

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