Sunday Sermons


Hosted by Klosterruine Berlin, the radio series Sunday Sermons consists of four sermons, written and held by visual and performance artists in the ruins of the former Franciscan monastery. The series explores the figure of the preacher as a subversive and healing presence whose authority may not be derived from institutional violence but community, experience and resistance. Sunday Sermons is an invitation to listen to those who have found their god(s) elsewhere, in their ruined bodies, by the song of a bird, through pain and Mozart.

Pêdra Costa

Jesse Darling

Susanne Sachsse
CHEAP presents: … but it tells itself that so it can stay normality.
With Vaginal Davis, Nazlı Kilerci-Stevanović, Angela Seo, Şenol Şentürk, Marc Siegel, Martin Siemann and Jamie Stewart.
Music by Xiu Xiu

Joana Tischkau with Jan Gehmlich