03Westseite der Klosteranlage im 19 Jhd Korkmodell Archiv Landesdenkmalamt Berlin


The ruins of the Franciscan minster are thought to be the last remains of a medieval cloister culture in Berlin, marking the beginning of a regional development in Brick Gothic.

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The ruins of the Franciscan minster, as some of the last surviving remains of the historical origins of the city of Berlin, belong to the most important listed monuments in the city which are open to the public and serve as a cultural venue.

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The future

In the coming years artists will be regularly invited to come and tackle the transformational processes of the city, and at the same time draw an arc from cultural history to the present.

01Workshop Nutzungsperspektiven Klosterruine 2016 Foto Robert Eckstein 4


The documentary filmmaker Johanna Ickert has shown the changeable history of the location with pictures worth seeing and historical documents in a short film.