Begin/Beguines [here love speaks]

Chloe Chignell, Bryana Fritz, and Stefa Govaart


22 June 2024, 21:00 Free admission The event will take place in English.

Begin:Beguines[here love speaks]

Chloe Chignell, Bryana Fritz, Stefa Govaart, Begin/Beguines [here love speaks], Courtesy the artists

Begin is a research, performance, and publishing project that focuses on the history of the Medieval beguine communities: a radical group of lay religious women which emerged throughout urban centers in the former Low Countries starting in the 12th century. The beguines originated a counter-monastic framework for Medieval women to live together, share and generate financial resources, write and publish books in the vernacular, and developed care, spiritual, and educational services for women and children.

At Klosterruine Berlin, the performance takes on an important beguine book written by Marguerite Porete entitled “The Mirror of the Simple Souls Who Are Annihilated and Remain Only in Will and Desire of Love”. Begin/Beguines [here love speaks] uses Porete’s controversial treatise as a guide to explore the movements of medieval mysticism, the embodied spiritual practice of radical love, self-annihilation, and resurrection. Cutting through the fabric of centuries, this work shapes the divestment of the soul or the graces of collectivity, incessantly ruminating the transformative capacities of feminization in desirous publicness.

The presentation at Klosterruine Berlin is a public opening onto this research, the performance will premiere in November 2024 at Next Festival in Valenciennes.


Bryana Fritz is a choreographer, dancer, and writer based in Marseille. She works at the intersection between poetry and performance often in duet with the user interface of OS X. Her work is fed by a continued interest in medieval literature, fanfiction, media studies, and histories of illiteracy. She also collaborates with Henry Andersen under the moniker Slow Reading Club.

Chloe Chignell is an artist based in Brussels working across text, choreography and publishing. She invests in writing as a body building practice, examining the ways in which language makes us up. Chloe runs rile* a bookshop and project space with Sven Dehens.

Stefa Govaart works across dance, performance and theory to think the repressive devices that relay and receive the (staged) body in its negativity and convoluted sense of continuity. The mark of collaborators is embedded in their work through dialogue, rehearsal, and entrustment. Brussels based, they are part of the research group Sex Negativity.

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With the support of Mondes Nouveaux and the French Ministry of Culture, La Briqueterie CDCN, Espace Pasolini, BUDA Kunstencentrum, Pavillion ADC, Next Festival, and VIERNULVIER. Co-production of the Transfabrik Fund – Franco-German fund for live show.
Productional support of VIVANTO.