Winter Shift

Steven Warwick


16 Dec 2021 – 24 Feb 2022 16 Dec 2021, 19:00 Vergiss Mich Nicht 14 Feb 2022, 19:00 ISS MICH (A PIG‘S HEAD ON A STICK) 17 Apr 2022, 15:30 Urban Renewal


Not unlike Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror movie The Shining, the artist and writer Steven Warwick has agreed to take on the winter shift at Klosterruine. Between December and April, Warwick will maintain his theatrical installation, adding sculptures and intermittently appearing as a character from a fairytale, a court jester, a folk myth, an alternative communal living retreat in Brandenburg. A series of surreal social dramaturgical events, usually falling on holidays, or events denoting renewal, will punctuate the shift, 3 small shows, eventually culminating in a performance play, setting the scene for delicious fictions and horrors so real they feel real.

Keywords: Hansel & Gretel, exiting the secret group chat, Hütte im Finsterwald, afk


Steven Warwick is an artist, writer, and musician living and working in Berlin. His practice is paradigmatic of an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses theatre-making, social dramaturgy and composition along with art, music and writing. His work is disseminated on a multitude of platforms including records, galleries, nightclubs, publications and the Internet. Across these contexts, Warwick creates assemblages of performance, image, sound and language that speak to the ways in which ideologies construct and inhabit spaces, online and offline – from co-working spaces to clubs, television shows and online chat rooms. In its pluralistic live forms, Warwick’s work redefines the expectations and conventions that accompany events such as performance and public exhibitions. His visual work has been exhibited at KW Berlin; Schinkel Pavillon, Volksbühne Berlin, Reading International, Art Night London, SMK, Copenhagen; The Modern Institute, Glasgow; The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Cleopatra’s, New York; Beach Office, Berlin; and Balice Hertling, New York. As a musician working under his own name and, previously, as ‘Heatsick’, he produces and performs a hybrid live/ DJ set, releasing recordings with the club/experimental label PAN and has played at Berghain, Berlin; London Contemporary Music Festival; Trouw, Amsterdam; Bergen Konsthall; LAMPO/ Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago; Issue Project Room, New York; and the Mutek and Unsound Festivals. His writing has appeared in Artforum,Texte zur Kunst,Frieze, and Urbanomic. He is also a member of the artist duo Elevator to Mezzanine, and co-author of ‘Fear Indexing the X- Files’, an audiovisual performance-lecture series issued as a book by Primary Information.